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Covid-19 Wedding - Wedding Face Masks for the Occasion

17 August 2020

Covid-19 Wedding - Wedding Face Masks fo... (image)

I think we all know that the way we do things in day to day life is going to change dramatically for a while, including the way that we get married. With social distancing and wearing face coverings being a must, why not make light of the current situation and add wedding face masks too your theme?

Whether you order them to be made or turn your hand to making them yourself here's a few helpful tips to get your imagination running...

1. There's so many video tutorials available to show you how to make these yourself, so it doesn't have to cost you a bomb and be the cause of a new budget item to your day. Go for a simple design and rope in the brides maids and in laws to help!

2. Get a manufacturing line going - there's lots of folding, Ironing and sewing involved to making face masks. if you can get a line going it'll make the whole process easier...Have one person cutting fabric and elastic, one person folding and ironing, one person on the sewing machine and you'll have 30 masks in no time!

3. Pick the right fabric! Wearing matching face masks that match your chosen colour scheme can make for some great Covid wedding photos! pick a light, breathable fabric. Photographers like to take their time setting up the perfect shot plus ceremony time, so your guests could be in them for a while...they'll appreciate being able to breathe throughout the process!

4. Scrap the favours! Well don't completely scrap them, but if you put your face masks in some organza or favour bags, maybe with a small hand sanitiser? and you've got the perfect Covid Wedding gift. Have the flower girl hand them to guests as they enter the ceremony room or put them in with your table arrangements.

5. The bride and groom Masks! if you over lay your bridal mask with lace and embellish it with some pearl beads or diamante rhinestones you will end up with a really different and elegant mask for the bride! Use a fabric to match the grooms suit for the grooms face mask, this will really make a great photo op and tie the whole ensemble together.

6. Add a personal touch! If you want to, order some small, easy, iron on decals with the date of the wedding. This will make add a personal touch and just give them that finish they deserve!

This really has been a strange time to be alive in, in all aspects of life. But if your big day has been affected by rules and government restrictions, these face masks can really be a symbol of a very British way of thinking "keep Calm and Carry On". It'll become a fun memory out of a hard situation.

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