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Diamond Dotz Painting - Hours of Therapeutic Entertainment.

05 August 2020

Diamond Dotz Painting - Hours of Therapeutic Entertainment.

If you need something to do, that you won't get bored of and can help pass time whilst settling your mind at the same time...The Diamond Dotz Painting Kits are just the thing for you!

The kits include everything you need to just get on with it without delay or massive preparation and with some really lovely designs available, passing the empty hours in between the hustle and bustle of the day has never been more satisfying.

Here's my tips to help you prepare for under taking one of these kits, be it a smaller one or the biggest we have, these tips should help you keep your dots and thoughts organised:

  1. Prepare a space! Believe me these kits will make you want to spread out so it's much easier to have a space that you can escape to for a while where you don't have to pack away every time. Especially if your planning on "bit-ting and bob-bing" the kit together. These kits can be time consuming, so make sure its not a space you're going to miss.
  2. One colour, One symbol at a time! I may be wrong on this one, everyone works differently...But, I have done two of these kits so far and I found the easiest method to completing the kit was to use one colour at a time and try to complete all of the picture before moving onto the next symbol. This kept me from having open packets everywhere and making too much of a mess. Which brings me on to my next tip...
  3. ...Use the Zip-lock bags included! When you think you've finished with a colour, label the bag, fill it with the unused diamonds - you may need them again! I can't tell you how many times I thought I had filled all of a colour symbol and then found a few hidden away. The bags made it a lot easier to store the dots and not lose them!
  4. Make sure your applicator stick is well waxed, but don't over do it! One or two pushes into the wax pad should do the trick. Do too little and it will be difficult to grab the dots, do too much and the excess wax will pick up too many dots at a time making it difficult to place them.
  5. This is precise work! Make sure your able to switch off and concentrate on the task at hand, I have often took on the task being too tired and ended up dotting the wrong symbols. This is great to do if you want to switch off for a while but if you find your unable too, it may be best to come back too it another time.
  6. Enjoy it and showcase it! Try taking time lapse videos as you go along - it's great to watch the process at the end and really satisfying. Don't forget to tag Button Blue Crafts on it too and we will feature it on our own social media as a hats off too you and a pat on the back!

How ever you do it, whatever design you choose. It's a project well worth its weight in gold. By the end of it you'll have a stunning display piece and a real sense of completion. Just try one, you'll see what I mean!

Our featured design is called Fox Bliss and took roughly 7 hours to complete. The sheet size is 50cm x 58cm but the design itself is roughly 42cm x 50cm making it one of our larger designs and an intermediate level piece.

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